Currently, the first two phases of ULT’s market operations have been over-completed. The original plan to purchase 10 million ULTs, the actual purchase of 12 million ULTs. As the digital currency market is exceeding expectations, and the price of ULT is at a low level. The foundation decided to temporarily add an extra phase of market purchase action.

The market purchase plan is from December 2 to December 31, and there are no target restrictions, depending on market conditions. We believe it will also exceed expectations.

The purchased ULT address is the same as the first address:


Currently, the first phase of ULT market operations has been completed. A total of 5 million ULT was repurchased. Among them, 750,000 were repurchased directly from early investors, 2.75 million were repurchased from the cointiger exchange, 1 million were repurchased from the coinex exchange, and 500,000 were repurchased from the ripplefox gateway. The repurchase address is:
0x71a840e027b2fc5f05977e0734de6a39a35cd61d, the whole process is open and transparent.

Since its establishment, the ULT Foundation has always insisted on taking the value route. Vigorously promote enterprise-level solutions combining industry and blockchain. Very good results have been achieved in supply chain finance and traceability.

This market purchase plan is to purchase 4.5 million ULTs from Ripple, Stellar, exchanges, cornerstones, etc. at a price not higher than 0.03 USDT from June 1 to September 1.

The purchased ULT address is 0x71a840e027b2fc5f05977e0734de6a39a35cd61d

The lock-up period is one year, and it is used for market incentives after the expiration.

Recently, Ultiledger ecological enterprise Lianzhen Digits and Jincai Internet (002530) established Jincai Internet Intelligence Chain Research Institute (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. Among them, Ultiledger ecological enterprise Lianzhen Digits plans to invest 9 million yuan, with a 30% investment rate. This cooperation is also in response to the call of the country’s new infrastructure to implement blockchain technology to all aspects of industrial support.

On April 24, 2020, Cyberspace Administration of China released the third batch of domestic blockchain information record number announcement !, Winwin Chain Information Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.-The “chain bill” system based on Ultiledger technology was announced and became the third batch of units that filed through the blockchain information service.At present, the chain bill system has been launched by many listed companies to promote industrial development.

Announcement address:

The state has clearly proposed to vigorously develop blockchain technology and accelerate the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation. Therefore, the word “blockchain” has once again ignited. Today, blockchain technology has been extended to finance, digital asset transactions, etc.field . Universities are important bases for scientific research and breakthroughs…


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